The Digital Architect

Reclaim your time, energy, and headspace by simply building order in your digital world.
  • Proven approach to sustainably organize your digital life
  • Practical strategies & tips instead of complex theory
  • Customizable folder structures for everyone
  • Best practices for note-taking & email management
  • Hands-on email inbox & calendar management methods
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The Digital Architect

Reclaim your time, energy, and headspace by simply building order in your digital world.
  • Proven approach to sustainably organize your digital life
  • Practical strategies & tips instead of complex theory
  • Customizable folder structures for everyone
  • Best practices for note-taking & email management
  • Hands-on email inbox & calendar management methods
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Your Struggle to Stay Organized In a Time of Information Overload

Do you have a lousy filing system, lose track of everything, and drown in emails? Do you know the struggle of:

Lost Data

Are you losing important files or critical information because you cannot find it anymore?

Wasted Time

Are you wasting a lot of time and effort searching for the correct files, folders, or emails?

Disorganized Files

Are you struggling to organize scattered files and overwhelmed by too much information?

Messy Notes

Are you finding it hard to take precise and actionable notes without the need to revise them several times?

Email Chaos

Are you overwhelmed with countless emails and meeting invites, finding it tough to manage everything?

Lacking Consistency

Are you facing challenges to maintain or adapt your organization systems to new needs over time?

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My Simple Solution to Reclaim Your Time and Energy

Save time, reduce stress, and clear your mind at work and personal projects by organizing your digital life.
With The Digital Architect you will benefit as follows:
Overall Structure & Simplicity

You will learn how to structure, systemize, and manage your digital world in a simple way and stop it from draining your energy.

Customized Folder Structure

You will be able to customize your file and folder structure to suit your unique needs and work style for optimal organization.

Best Practices for Note-Taking

You will learn to take concise, clear notes and organize them effectively for different occasions.

Simple Email Inbox Management

You will see how to implement a simple, practical approach to organize your email inbox and keep on top of your messages.

Practical Calendar Management

You will discover straightforward strategies to manage your calendar and keep it free from redundant meetings.

Label, Search & Find

You will see how simple it can be to label documents properly to find them easily, even after a long time.

What’s Included With The Digital Architect?

0. Intro - 1

0. Introduction

  • Get an overview of the contents of the Digital Architect and the outcomes you will achieve having completed the guide.
  • Understand how to best read and apply this guide in practice.
0. Intro - 1

1. Organize Folders, Files & Documents

  • Learn everything you need to know about properly setting up a filing system that fits your needs today and in the future.
  • Discover the six most popular filing structures and use a simple decision tree to find your most suitable one.
  • Understand how to properly label files and folders to never lose a document anymore.
1. Files and Folders - 2
1. Files and Folders - 2
2. Notes - 2

2. Capture & Organize Notes

  • Find out how to easily capture and organize your notes, regardless of being somewhat random, loose, or very formal.
  • Explore the five most common note-taking formats, their advantages and disadvantages, in which situations to use them, and if they fit you.
  • Learn seven crucial note-taking tips to help you take the best notes you’ve ever had.
2. Notes - 2

3. Organize & Manage Emails and Your Calendar

  • Find out how to organize your email inbox to always keep sight of your most essential emails.
  • Discover eight best practices for email management to manage your emails easily from now on.
  • Learn best practices for calendar management to manage your calendar and cut unnecessary time spent in meetings.
3. Mail + Cal - 1
3. Mail + Cal - 1
4. Maintain - 4

4. Maintain Your Structures

  • See how to maintain and manage your filing, note-taking, and email structures effectively, ensuring you stay organized even as more information and files accumulate.
  • Understand how to navigate your organizational structure easily and use search functionalities.
4. Maintain - 4

Bonus Material

…and in addition, you will get the following bonuses:

  • 6 personal example folder structures for download (Windows)
  • 6 professional example folder structures for download (Windows)
  • 4 meeting note templates for download (Microsoft OneNote)
5. Bonus-2
5. Bonus-2

Questions and Answers

Why should I organize my digital world?

An organized digital world directly translates to increased efficiency, granting you more time for your family, hobbies, or other projects and a decluttered calendar. With streamlined files, folders, notes, and communications, you’ll face less stress, making decision-making clearer and more focused. Embracing this order uplifts your professional image and enhances your overall well-being and productivity.

In short, an organized digital space is the foundation to free up time, energy, and headspace.

Ok. Got it. This must be expensive, right?

No. It’s $49 / 49€.

Why should I need a guide to organize myself?

You don’t. You could also tediously acquire all the knowledge in the guide yourself or google it. However, that will take much longer, you won’t know if you’re doing it right, and most importantly, you won’t have my practical years of experience.

But I have spent the last 10+ years trying and perfecting the organizational methods and best practices I share in the guide. In addition, I have spent 100+ hours working on The Digital Architect, providing the most practical resource for digital organization, so you don’t have to.

You can instantly download the guide to help you finally reclaim your time, energy, and headspace.

I’ve designed The Digital Architect to be actionable. It’s not some theoretical paper you read once and shelve. It’s a hands-on guide that you can use every day and revisit frequently.

How long will it take to see results?

It depends on how fast you work through the guide. You will see immediate results if you work through the modules and implement what you’ve learned. If you just read the guide but do not implement the tips, or if you do absolutely nothing, you won’t see any results.

Do I need to use a specific Operating System to benefit from the guide?

No. Although I am using Windows and have taken all screenshots in the guide in Windows 11, the lessons and tips are universally applicable, irrespective of your operating system. You can follow and implement all tips from The Digital Architect in Windows, OS, Linux, or any other operating system.

Does The Digital Architect come with email or call support?

No, the guide is designed to be self-guided and self-paced. With so many students having downloaded the guide, we cannot provide 1:1 support via email or calls.

How many pages does The Digital Architect contain?

The Digital Architect contains a total of 83 pages.

Why the heck should I listen to you? Who are you?

My name is Lea David. I’m a former strategy consultant who recently transitioned into an internal consulting role in the financial services sector for a better work-life balance.

A long time ago, I transformed from chaos to order myself, and I am now seen as one of the most organized persons my colleagues and friends know and always on the hunt for more, better, and simpler productivity tips.

That’s why I have started to share my best practices for digital organization on my YouTube channel, with 40k+ subscribers and 2m+ views.

In addition, over the last 6+ years, during my time in consulting, I have seen 30+ organizational techniques and systems with clients, teams, or organizations I have worked with over the last years. I have always followed the highest and most practical industry standards I implemented and tested in countless projects.

What will I learn via this guide?

You’ll learn how to organize your digital life properly: your files, folders, notes, emails, and calendar. It’s the same system I have been using for myself and within countless client projects at work, helping me save time, reduce stress, and stay on top of everything with a less cluttered calendar.

Is this worth $49 / 49€?

Let’s look at a simple example.

In a global survey, the IDC (International Data Corporation) found that information workers spend 4.3 hours a week:

  • “Searching for, but not finding, documents” and
  • “Recreating documents because the current or the right version can’t be found or got lost”

That’s 17.2 hours a month, which is almost half a work week, and not even considering the time spent searching for or handling your emails and notes (which may be an additional several hours).

And that’s just the time you are losing, not even considering the additional mental load and stress you have.

Now imagine, with the help of The Digital Architect, you might be able to cut this unnecessary time in half or even eliminate it! So you could spend these 20+ hours on other, more important things with your loved ones or hobbies!

Eventually, it’s up to you to answer what potentially these 20+ hours from now on every month are worth to you.

Do I need a specific job to follow and benefit from the guide?

No. The Digital Architect is a universally applicable guide for a digital organization that works irrespective of your occupation, region, or age.

Is there a video course included?

No. The Digital Architect does not currently come with a video course and is a practical digital PDF guide.

Ok. What do I do next if I want to buy The Digital Architect?

Click the “Get The Digital Architect” button below and start today.