Explore Simple Ways to Improve Your Productivity.

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    Explore Simple Ways to Improve Your Productivity.

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      Do you have too much to do, too little time and joy in your projects?

      Work Overwhelm

      You are often swamped by too much work and feel your productivity suffers. Maybe you are even afraid of burning out.

      Time Mismanagement

      You struggle with time management, are overwhelmed by deadlines and a long to-do list.

      Email Overload

      You are overwhelmed by an endless stream of emails, causing you to miss critical messages & adding to your stress.

      Lost Files

      You struggle to quickly locate essential documents and information, leading to frustration and wasted time and effort.

      Meeting Excess

      You feel that excessive meetings are eating into your actual work time, creating frustration due to perceived inefficiency.

      Organizational Chaos

      You often lose track of tasks, deadlines, and priorities, leading to a sense of disorganization and feeling out of control.

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      About Me

      Hi – I’m Lea!


      I help working professionals to own their day and projects.


      Having spent several years in strategy consulting, I have recently transitioned into an internal consulting role in the financial services sector for a better work-life balance.


      Over all those years, I have seen how unthoughtful, unproductive, or just unwitting my clients or even many colleagues in consulting were. They were wasting their time and energy by not knowing about simple workplace productivity tips and more efficient ways of working.

      On the contrary, I have always been on the lookout for and testing ways to streamline my work, whether that means improving quality, saving time, or both. Until then, however, I had only shared and exchanged my tips with a small circle of like-minded colleagues and friends – who loved what I had been telling them!


      So when the pandemic hit, I decided to start my own YouTube channel and newsletter community. There, I share my insights, experiences, and tips related to workplace and digital organization, productivity, time management, problem-solving, and making the most of Microsoft 365 tools.


      If you have any questions or would like to explore collaboration opportunities, feel free to reach out through the provided contact form.


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      I am excited to connect with innovative partners who share my vision for growth and progress. To contact me directly, please use the following contact form. Feel free to download my media one-pager regarding social stats and possibilities to collaborate.

      Thank you for your interest in getting in touch with me. I sincerely appreciate it.