The 12-Week-Year Notion Template

Leverage this template in Notion to effectively plan your 12-Week-Year. The template offers specific sections to establish your 10- and 3-year vision, enabling you to chart a clear long-term direction. Furthermore, it facilitates the planning of goals and tasks for the upcoming 12 weeks, while also providing dedicated templates for each week to ensure comprehensive organization and execution.

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Notion Meeting Note Template

Utilize this Notion template to enhance your writing of standardized, concise, and organized meeting notes. The template provides dedicated sections to capture essential details such as date and time, participants, action items, key takeaways, and other pertinent information.

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Re-Edited PowerPoint Presentation from Harvard Extension School

Access the enhanced and refined version of the original PowerPoint presentation from Harvard Extension School, which I thoroughly analyzed in my respective YouTube video. This downloadable PowerPoint file features a new Slide Design Master along with meticulously crafted slide templates that are minimalistic, visually appealing, and highly impactful.


Mobile Phone Wallpaper

Download the blue dark, blue light as well as the red dark and red light wallpaper for your mobile phone as background. These wallpaper are clear with no distraction and helps to keep your phone organized.



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